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What is Desktop Publishing Design?

sktop publishing (abbreviated DTP) is the creation of documents using page layout skills on a personal (" desktop") comput arily for print.It can generate layouts and produce typographic quality text and images comparable to traditional typography and printi It d for enhancement of visual communication and streamlines the process of disseminating information of all kinds.It' s also the method of file preparation that ensures files print properly so that communications get out in a timely manner.

Features of Our DTP Services

We work with markup languages such as XML and HTML as well as online document formats such as Acrobat PDF.

  • Our DTP professionals are well-versed with printer drivers and PostScript printers.
  • Unparalleled page formatting is done before publishing your magazine/print ad.
  • Graphics, screen shots and illustrations are carefully edited before publishing.
  • We can convert the output into multiple formats such as PDF files and PostScript files.
  • Expert pre-flight checking for final files.




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